Who We Are

Hello Fellow Parents,

I am not a financial adviser, I am not an investment banker – I am a concerned parent.
I am ZillonMom™.

I feel very fortunate to be raising my family in the world of prosperity and consumer abundance. Myself, I grew up in a different world. Life was not a “bed of roses” for my parents. And we, kids, had to work by the side of our parents and did not ask for much, as we did not even know what to ask for.

My parents toughened me up and prepared me for a lot of things, but not for abundance.

There was time when phrases like: “bank”, “CD”, “bond”, “stock”, “credit history – you have NONE!”; “insurance”, “umbrella policy”; “401K” scared the wits out of me. With time and hard work, I got on top of my personal money management – only to find out that the journey never ends! My growing children were asking for more and more “stuff” clearly not understanding where the NEEDS end and WANTS begin.

Well, I knew I needed tools to teach them and the sources I learn from myself are not fun for them. Let’s face it – money is a boring subject when you put it on a textbook page.

But I noticed that if I played money scenarios with kids – they became excited about it! They actually wanted to save! They could understand why we have insurance or pay taxes. I started this website to build a community of parents like me, who want out children to grow strong, financially independent and money smart!

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